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Know your Neem,
In Panama there is a tree that is often mistaken for a Neem tree, Here you can see the differences, I don't know what the other tree's name is, so here I call it Notneem.
NEEM                                                             NOTNEEM                                  NEEM TREE

neem leafnoneem leafneem structure

Notice the Neem leaf in left picture has a serrated edge, but the Notneem is smooth.
From a distance they look identical. It is easier to see the difference in the trees from a distance by looking at the bark.
NEEM                                                            NOTNEEM

Neem bark

Notneem Bark

Unfortunately if you try to buy a Neem tree in Panama, you are often sold a Notneem. Either the seller doesn't know or has been given the wrong info!
Even a baby Neem looks distinctive, you can see the leaves' shape below: As far as I know, the Notneem has no useful medicinal properties.
Baby neem

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